Finn Cotton Clyde Travel Kit (Clean & Condition)
Finn Cotton Clyde Travel Kit (Clean & Condition)
Finn Cotton Clyde Travel Kit (Clean & Condition)

Clyde Travel Kit (Clean & Condition)

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Clyde Premium Shoe Cleaner is made with natural soaps derived from coconut oil with natural jojoba oil as conditioner. Releases dirt, dust, grime and stains easily. It has no harsh chemicals, no bleach, artificial fragrance and non-toxic. Use with canvas, cotton, knits, leather, mesh, nubuck, nylon, suede, other textiles and more.

Directions:Shake well before use. Wet Nylon brush with water.Apply a few drops of cleaner on brush. Scrub shoes to create foam.Wipe dry with towel. Repeat when necessary.

Note: On cleaning Suede, Nubuck, Canvas, Mesh and other delicate materials;Dilute cleaner with water. Wet Horse hair brush with the solution.Shake out or pat dry excess dilution. Scrub entire area lightly and evenly.Wipe with towel. Do not saturate. Let dry.Work up nap of suede with dry horsehair brush or towel.

Clyde Leather dela Creme Shake well before use. Dab Clyde Leather de la Crème and clean off using soft cloth in a circular motion. Let the polish coat sit in for about 3 to 5 minutes. Continue to wipe for a glossy-after finish. Wipe out excess coat with a dry, soft cloth. Repeat when necessary. Cleans, conditions and polishes leather Non-toxic leather protection Reduces scratch and scuff Restores old and stiff leather No greasy after-feel Do not use on porous leather like suedes Test on small unnoticeable area of synthetic or worn out items before using. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue if irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children.

Whats inside the box.

(1) 100 ml Clyde Cleaner Solution

(1) 100 ml Clyde Leather dela Creme

(1) Brush (nylon or horse hair)

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